Revive your digital world through Virtual and Augmented Reality, or a 360° video.

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Are you innovative? what about your recruitment techniques?

Does this sound familiar? As a company, you’re at the forefront with the latest technologies and favourable work terms, but you’re still in dire need of staff. Standard job postings don’t bring the right results. Have you thought about your employer branding yet? In other words: how you come across as a boss?


360° Vr Films En 3D Applications
360° Vr Films En 3D Applications

See The World From Our Perspective

As a young and ambitious company, Virtual Lab 17 wants to help you and your company to take full advantage of Virtual Reality’s unique opportunities. To put yourself in the spotlight as an innovative forerunner, and to offer your customers an enhanced brand experience. Shot in 8K, our films offer stunning, lifelike image quality.

Do you own a web shop, and do you want to have your customers experience your products in 3D and Augmented Reality? AR lets them find out whether that new sofa would match the rest of their interior, without having it shipped to them first.

As a recruiter, you can let job candidates experience their new work space through Virtual Reality, or show them around the office and its departments.


Virtual Reality, What Good Does It Do?

The old adagio claims a picture says more than a thousand words. What if that picture encapsulates you to back to front? An intense experience through time and space. We would love to sum up the possibilities for you:

  • Offer a lifelike image of your company and processes
  • Convince through added brand experience
  • Present yourself as an innovative and attractive employer
  • Relive special moments through 360° video
  • Let customers project products in their living room through Augmented Reality