3D Models and Visualisation

A 3D model is a meticulous, digital representation of an object. Virtual Lab 17 can turn any product into an attractive 3D model, which your customers can view from all sides. There’s several ways we can generate 3D models. We can either build them from the ground up, but also with the measurements you provide, or we use pictures, or scan a sample item you sent us to generate your 3D model. Think bigger, the sky is the limit!


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Better than a photo

Objects in photos can only be viewed from one side. Whichever the way it was photographed, you can never have a look at the sides or the back. A 3D model, on the other hand, allows customers to digitally rotate your product, and view it from any preferred angle.

Why you want a 3D Model

Customer brand experience is more important than ever. Do you specialise in beautifully designed hyper modern products? Then enhance your brand experience with 3D models of your products. Besides a modern outlook, a 3D model evokes extra trust, because your customers will have a better idea of what they’re buying. They’ve had the chance to view it from all sides, after all. Additionally, a 3D model allows your clients to project a 3D model into their living room through Augmented Reality.


Better than photography
Better than photography

International cooperation with US-based QREAL

Virtual Lab 17 works closely together with  US-based AR provider QREAL. We create a wide variety of high-end, photorealistic 3D models for them, such as this iconic KitchenAid Blender. Add a new dimension to your web shop, by providing 3D models of your products. Convince your customers by letting them experience your products digitally.


Stay on top of mind through AR marketing

Ever heard of Snapchat and Facebook Lenses? Through Facebook and Snapchat, you can engage your customers directly in cool new ways. Plug new products regularly, and your product fan base can try them ‘at home’ in an instant. This is a wonderful way to stay in the picture, and have your fans experience your brand in even stronger ways. Contact us today to explore with us how we can apply AR effectively for your company.