Augmented Shop Experience

Display your product directly through a browser at your clients’ location. Without apps or flashy gear, straight from their smartphone camera. They will literally see it in front of them.

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AR within the customer journey

AR within the customer journey

Test drives without transportation and return costs

You only really know whether a couch, table, or other piece of furniture ‘fits’ when it’s standing in your home. You can now try it directly, without transportation costs, through our Augmented Shop Experience.

With AR, every article in your webshop can be displayed within a camera image. Web shop visitors can tap the AR button next to your product. Their camera app will open, and within view, they will see a lifelike 3D version of your products. By panning and zooming, they can admire them from any angle. A big Buy Now button will send them straight to their shopping cart.

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3D Visualisation

Our 3D visualisation techniques help you sell your product in a unique manner. Precise visualisations give your clients a clear idea of your products. They can even select multiple fabrics, colours, and textures, giving them extra freedom of choice. Through smart links with your supply system, one tap on the ‘purchase’ button will seal the deal.

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““I was flabbergasted. We couldn’t tell the difference between our real pram and the AR version.””

Axel Augustinus, EasyWalker

AR pushes EasyWalker pram sales

EasyWalker was looking for a way to offer their clients extra product experience, while simultaneously bringing down return costs. Through razorsharp 3D modelling, clients can almost literally park their future pram in the corridor.

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Fest Amsterdam

Better examples of Augmented Shop Experiences are hard to find. Fest Amsterdam was looking for a way to digitally get their sofas in people’s homes. Webshop visitors can now select various models, colours, and fabrics, and display them within their living rooms.

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Augmented Shop Experience

Lifelike 3D models, straight from your browser, through your smarthone, into your living room.


AR Advertising

Your brand assets as Instagram or Snap Lens on thousands of timelines. That’ll have them looking!


Digital Visualisations

Hard to imagine a product beforehand? Not with our gorgeous digital visualisations.

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