Digital Visualisations

Proper first impressions seal the deal. A digital visualisation offers clients a first glimpse of their new product or home. A convincing experience!

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Lifelike and convincing

Lifelike and convincing

Digital visualisations for marketing and prototyping

You can’t photograph something that does not yet exist. Still, you want to show your clients something in advance. That custom-made piece of furniture, for example. For us, the type of product really doesn’t matter, as long as you have a technical drawing. A sparkling digital render is convincing. Through powerful software, our artists turn technical drawings into beautiful photorealistic renders, to scale. Fully decorated rooms, front and side views of your products… a digital visualisation makes your products come alive.

VL17 offers custom-made renders. Colours, shapes and textures, you name it.
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Land the deals with your construction kit

Together with partner Bloemendaal in Vorm, Virtual Lab 17 offers promotion kits for your real estate communication. As a construction entrepreneur, you’re looking for a way to make your plans stand out. Presentation is everything. Through our building kits, you can offer an all-inclusive experience that convinces both municipalities and buyers alike.
Depending on your choice of kit, we take care of the entire design of your project (except the technical drawings, of course). Photography, film production, roll-up displays for a public meeting, a project website… and of course digital visualisations of the homes you intend to build.

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Digital Visualisations

Hard to imagine a product beforehand? Not with our gorgeous digital visualisations.

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