A 360° 3D video offers an all-encapsulating world of experiences. Convince future employees that your company is the best match for them by giving them a preliminary tour of your facilities. You could, for instance, literally film someone’s future work space, or show the processes they will be working with once they sign their contract. Or use this technique to present your company as a whole. You can also use 360° 3D videos to offer instructional videos and tutorials. 360° 3D videos form a modern marketing tool, and enhance both for your brand experience and your employer image.


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How it Works

With our 8K three-dimensional camera, we will film your event or company in razor-sharp 3D. Our camera set-up consists of several doubled high-performance cameras, all facing a slightly different direction. Using powerful software, we then combine the images into a seamless and all-encompassing digital sphere. Depending on the viewing angle, one of the double film images is projected onto your glasses or your screen. This allows you to look around you and experience true depth-of-field. As if you’re right there!


Maximum experience
Maximum experience

How You Can Use 360° VR

Virtual Reality is a powerful marketing tool. A state-of-the-art 360° 3D video of your company attracts all the attention straight off the bat. Moreover, it signals that you’re not afraid to try the latest technology and be innovative.

Within the catering industry, 360° videos are increasingly being used to underline hospitality. Guests may have an advance look around and get a sense of the atmosphere in a hotel or a restaurant, helping them decide whether they want to book a table there.


Possible Applications of 360° 3D Video

At Virtual Lab 17, our focus is mainly on the selection and recruitment industry. Recruiters, HR staff, and employment agencies may use our Virtual Reality technology to convince new employees that signing up with them is their best choice. Standard job postings don’t elicit the best results anymore. Virtual Reality allow companies to offer a transparent view of themselves, while presenting themselves in an innovative and visually appealing way. A VR film can be distributed quickly through social media, and will immediately attract extra attention for your company.