Virtual Training

Virtual training gives employees an immersive learning experience they’ll remember. Meanwhile, you can track their progress and statistics.

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For permanent knowledge.

For permanent knowledge.

Virtual development of your staff makes your company grow

Combine 360° images, voice-over explanations, interactive menu options, registered video instructions, and animated examples. Research suggests that employees remember more through VR techniques. Linked statistics give you insight into their progress. Interactive choices within a training programme lets employees follow a personalised scenario, which better connects with their preferred way of learning. This makes them remember more, execute their work better, and make fewer mistakes, lowering excess costs for you and improving your reputation. Virtual Lab 17 molds your training materials into VR form. We set up an intuitive learning environment, modules, and scenarios, and make monitoring easy.

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Spotless cleaning process by Kleentec at Johma’s

Salad producer Johma follows a strict hygiene protocol. Cleaning company Kleentec’s staff cannot miss a speck. With our VR techniques, they train their staff. From putting on their cleaning outfits, along Johma’s production facility, to taking off their wellies at the end of the day.

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Virtual Experiences

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Virtual Training

Produces better training results and higher quality of work by your staff.

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