Augmented Reality

Display your product directly at your clients’ locations, run ads through virtual masks, and impress with stunning digital content.

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Embellish your reality

Our digital techniques create a unique experience within reality. The impossible will come true digitally. Broadcast your product in lifelike 3D in your customers’ homes. A new sofa? A pair of flashy trainers, or EasyWalker’s preambulators? You can almost feel the fabric under your fingertips. The sales button right next to it seals the deal. Your team colours on the faces (and timelines) of thousands of fans? Our social filters are your digital facepaint. A detailed digital visualisation will convince your future buyer.

We’d love to talk to you and virtually present your plans and products in the most optimal way.

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Star Movie, Virtual Lab 17's AR platform

The world of print media is constantly changing. Star Movie is the new augmented reality app that brings your image to life. You’ll upload your image in Star Movie and place this image in your printed media together with the Star Movie symbol. The reader can then use a smartphone or tablet with the Star Movie app to make the image come to life as a video clip, on the page itself!

This way your printed media gets that extra dimension that also appeals to the younger audience. The interaction of a digital medium, with the accessibility and low costs of printed communication.

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